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Why Karlie Kloss quit Victoria's Secret

Why Karlie Kloss quit Victoria's Secret

Karlie Kloss quit as a Victoria's Secret Angel because she was bored of being so clean cut.

The 23-year-old star confirmed she was stepping down from the luxury brand early in 2015, and later in the year she enrolled at New York University. She's also an avid coder and has her own YouTube channel, with the model revealing it's vital that she stay true to her real personality in public.

"I don't want to be too clean cut, and I don't want to be what people think I should be or expect me to be," she told Britain's Elle magazine. "I didn't necessarily feel like I was being entirely true to myself being in my underwear all the time."

That doesn't mean the star will suddenly start spouting off objectionable opinions though - in fact, arguing is one of the things she hates most in life.

"I definitely don't like negative confrontation. I'm not great at arguing," she explained. "I'm not good at getting into fights. I always lose and it makes me really uncomfortable. But I guess real, true relationships and friendships come with ups and downs so it's about figuring out how to work with that. Sometimes those ups and downs bring you closer."

Karlie is part of one of the most famous friendship circles around at the moment - that of Taylor Swift. The pair have regularly gushed about each other in public and are often seen together, but their bond isn't just for show.

"If you have one person in your life that you connect with then you're lucky," Karlie said. "If you have a group of friends that you have that connection with then you're especially lucky, and if you have people in your family you feel that way about then you've really won the game."

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