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Wang: Anna Ewers is incredible

Wang: Anna Ewers is incredible

Alexander Wang loves that men and women find Anna Ewers attractive.

The 21-year-old model was discovered by Alexander, after he spotted a picture of her online and asked a casting director to locate her. That marked the beginning of her career, with Alexander sending her down the runway for his debut Balenciaga show in February 2013. Anna then booked 37 shows during the Spring/Summer 14 round of Fashion Weeks at the end of 2013, and Alexander is in no doubt why she is so sought after.

"Anna is just an incredible beauty. She is quietly confident about her sexuality - almost nonchalant about it," he told "She is super feminine and androgynous at the same time, and she is attractive to men and to women, which creates that feeling of ambiguity and mystery."

Alexander has continued to cast Anna in shows for his namesake label and Balenciaga and she's appeared in campaigns for both brands too.

He believes she is as appealing as the Hollywood golden-age actress, but ties that in with being down-to-earth too. That means that when she arrives on set she's always ready to get stuck in and will do whatever it takes to get the shot.

"She has a versatility that is unique, kind of like the original supermodels. She can wear nothing at all, or something demure, or layers and layers of crazy, deconstructed, asymmetrical stuff, and she looks amazing in everything," he gushed.

During the current round of Autumn/Winter 15 shows Anna has already walked for mega brands including Tom Ford and Rodarte.

She is in no doubt that Alexander helped her career and has previously explained the debt she owes him.

"Ever since I started working with him, my career became more exciting. It's been great," she told Refinery29.

"Since I first met him, I feel like this is the time that I've changed most, from being shy [to becoming] more self-confident and very comfortable when we're going out."

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