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Vivienne Westwood: I’m no tax dodger

Vivienne Westwood: I’m no tax dodger

Dame Vivienne Westwood is concerned about allegations surrounding her tax contribution.

The British designer was the subject of a tabloid story over the weekend, which accused her of £2million tax avoidance as she allegedly paid the money into an offshore company set up in Luxembourg. In doing so she is avoiding paying £500,000 a year to the UK government, claims The Sunday Telegraph.

Vivienne has now spoken out about the allege

"I am concerned at the allegation in the papers. It is important to me that my business affairs are in line with my personal values. I am subject to UK tax on all of my income," Vivienne told WWD.

Vivienne is particularly keen to clear the matter up as she is a strong advocate for political group the Green Party, who want to enforce a Tax Dodgers Bill should they come to power.

She's pushing for the party's success at the British general election in May, but the Green Party came under fire in light of the accusations as it accepted a £300,000 donation from the designer.

“My personal donation to the Green Party reflects my desire to see a more equitable and sustainable society. I remain fully committed to the Green Party and will be doing all I can to ensure that they achieve success in the general election," she stated.

In a separate statement Vivienne Westwood Limited said there are no illegal issues involved and no one is being taken to court.

It's been business as usual for the fashion house who took to the runway on Saturday as part of Paris Fashion Week.

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