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Vivienne Westwood creates heaven on earth

Vivienne Westwood creates heaven on earth

Vivienne Westwood shared her idea of heaven and hell during The Art of Elysium gala over the weekend (09-10Jan16).

Every year the charity hosts a pre-Golden Globes event to raise money for the organisation, which brings art to very ill children. They always collaborate with a big name in the fashion or art world, tasking the star with creating his or her vision of heaven and hell.

2016 marked the turn of fashion designer Vivienne, who is known for being an environmental activist. She and husband Andreas Kronthaler created a 'heaven' of lush green forests and a 'hell' depicting an over-industrialised world.

“Fashion gives me an excuse to open my mouth,” Vivienne smiled to “I have credibility from it and I do use it. Heaven would be a paradise if we could switch to a green economy. And I’m going to talk to people here tonight about what we’re actually going to do to stop climate change, not deal with it. We are entering into hell on earth. We have to transfer to green economy - it’s our only chance to survive.”

The gala was packed out with stars, including Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard, Christina Hendricks and Kelly Osbourne. Kelly was clad in a blue-and-silver dress by Vivienne and couldn't believe her luck.

“I’m so honoured be wearing this because I’m the first person to ever wear this new print and this is the first dress in eight years that I never had to have altered,” she gushed. “I’ve been a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood and what she has done for not only fashion but society as well. Her belief of being who you are regardless of what anyone else thinks has always drawn me to her. I think she is one of the most incredible - not just fashion designers, but human beings of our time.”

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