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Vivienne Westwood adds punky touch to unisex collection

Vivienne Westwood adds punky touch to unisex collection

Vivienne Westwood closed London Fashion Week Men’s in true punk style with her unisex collection on Monday (09Jan17).

The style icon staged the final show of the event in the capital city with a politically driven presentation, featuring male and female models wearing each other’s clothing. Men strutted down the catwalk in dresses, with a long-haired hunk rocking a black tulle dress with gingham socks and black brogues. Over his mouth were stencils of squares, making it seem as though his lips were sealed.

Another model stepped out in a retro-inspired ensemble made up of a gold top and matching skirt, paired with tights and red boots while a brightly coloured crown sat on his head.

Female models wore equally quirky pieces, like a black and white sleeveless dress covered in various faces, including Vivienne’s, while another colourful crown adorned her head. Females were given suits and ties to wear as proof that genders can mix their looks.

"She and he are having fun with unisex and swapping clothes. Buy less, choose well, make it last' limits the exploitation of the planet's natural resources," shownotes for the range read, in keeping with Vivienne’s environmentally friendly approach.

Tailoring was key to this collection, seen in outfits like a corduroy and plaid suit and off-the-shoulder evening gown. More bold face make-up was seen throughout too, such as red glittering face paint on one woman, whose crown stood out thanks to the gold plastic, and knits were also heavily featured.

“For at least 100 years women have been wearing trousers, but now like the Arabs, men are wearing dresses,” the designer herself pointed out earlier this month (Jan17).

She’d also spoke of her inspiration behind the line during her previous interview, citing theatre and art and craft, which was certainly evident in Monday’s event.

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