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Victoria Beckham's 'baby steps'

Victoria Beckham's 'baby steps'

Victoria Beckham is taking "baby steps" with her brand.

The 40-year-old fashion designer - who founded her eponymous label in 2008 and her first flagship store on London's Dover Street last year - recently revealed plans to set up her second shop in Hong Kong but insists she hasn't rushed in to her decision to expand her brand overseas.

She explained: "I feel pretty confident I do know my customer and I constantly want to better myself and give her what she wants. But I'm really confident now is the right time for my store in Hong Kong. I never want to rush, I always take baby steps but now is the right time.

"We take each territory and treat it slightly differently because everywhere is different. We're learning from the store in London but just taking it territory by territory. Like I say, we're doing the research, which is important, just taking baby steps and doing things when the time is right.

"I'm hoping the store will open at the end of this year or the beginning part of next year, if I can find the right space."

The brunette beauty added it was the "energy" of Hong Kong and its citizens' passion for luxury fashion which has attracted her to take the plunge and open her second store there.

She explained to Bloomberg: "People ask, 'Why Hong Kong?' But I love it here. I love the energy, the women, they understand fashion, they're passionate about fashion, they understand luxury and fashion so it really does seem like the right place for my second store.

"I love Hong Kong. I've been looking at my options and it seemed the natural place."