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Victoria Beckham proud of complete collection

Victoria Beckham proud of complete collection

Victoria Beckham wants to take her clients from parties to the workplace by merging two lines.

The fashion designer is uniting Victoria Beckham Denim with her Victoria, Victoria Beckham (VVB) collection. While VVB is known for its intricate dresses and vibrant prints, her denim line has a more relaxed feel and Victoria believes this is a dream collaboration for fans of her designs.

“I wanted to incorporate my denim line into the Victoria, Victoria Beckham line to create a more evolved and complete collection,” she told Britain’s Grazia magazine. “The VVB collection has always reflected the other side of my wardrobe and this season I focused on pieces that are easy to wear but still feel special. I am very proud of the sense of fun and inclusiveness we’ve created. It’s time to take the VVB girls on further adventures, beyond the parties and the cocktails and into the workplace and the everyday.”

Victoria goes on to explain that wearing the perfect pair of jeans always leaves her feeling with a deep sense of satisfaction, and she is confident her designs will please a lot of people. One of her new creations boasts flower appliqué, which Victoria believes adds a “fresh” dimension to the denim trousers. She has also included a shirt boasting an oversized bow draped around the waist, which she thinks will add “girlishness” to an outfit.

Not content with expanding the VVB collection to feature denim, the 41-year-old star is also introducing other fabrics into the mix.

“The inclusion of denim in the collection has meant I could explore new styles,” Victoria explained. “Now that denim is in the VVB collection, I wanted a leather story within the separates. The soft leather with silk embellishment gives a sense of fun with an edge.”

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