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Victoria Beckham hearts NYC

Victoria Beckham hearts NYC

Victoria Beckham loves the energy in New York City.

The fashion star has landed in the Big Apple ahead of her New York Fashion Week show on Sunday (14Feb16), and she has been keeping busy with social engagements before she knuckles down with work.

Victoria wowed in a white tuxedo as she dinned at Anna Wintour's home, with husband David and oldest son Brooklyn in tow.

"I love New York," she told US Vogue. "I love the energy. I love the weather."

Fashion isn't the only thing on Victoria's mind; she's also preoccupied with her charity work. The 41-year-old designer and David both spend vast quantities of their time working with philanthropic organisations, and Victoria even acts as UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador.

“I’d been working with various charities over the years like the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and I said, ‘I want to do something on a bigger scale,’” she explained. “Anna (Wintour) said, ‘My team is going to South Africa; you should go.’ And I jumped at the chance to do that!”

While Victoria has been in the limelight since the '90s with pop group the Spice Girls, it wasn't until she hit a milestone birthday in 2014 that she realised how influential her star status actually was.

“It took, for me, getting to be 40 years old to realise for whatever reason, people will listen to me,” she admitted. “With that, comes a huge responsibility.

“When I go on these trips and I meet incredible, strong women holding the community together, but people don’t listen to them. I can speak on behalf of these women and talk about what I’ve seen.”

David spends his time raising money for UNICEF and recently launched his own foundation to benefit millions of children around the world, protecting them from danger.

The couple's middle son Romeo is also a keen philanthropist, running the children's London Marathon in April (15) for UNAIDS.

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