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VB: Motherhood inspires my accessories

VB: Motherhood inspires my accessories

Victoria Beckham thinks about how much of her "kids' rubbish" she could fit in a bag when designing.

The 41-year-old star believes her label has become such a success because she has a very strong idea of what her clients want. In part that's down to considering what works for her as a busy mother of four, and considering how she can make women feel empowered.

"Absolutely!" she laughed to Suzy Menkes, when quizzed on whether she thinks it will be useful when she's caring for her children. "When I am working on the accessories, for example, I think if I am creating a bag that a woman is going to use every day. How much of the kids’ rubbish can I fit in!”

Victoria was chatting during an event at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, UK. She opened up about a range of topics, including how she has managed to reinvent herself during her career. The star found fame in pop group the Spice Girls before moving into fashion, and joked about some of the skimpy outfits she wore as part of the band.

"I wore a lot of PVC in those days, a lot of push-up tops and PVC catsuits, and lots of high heels and short skirts – but I don’t cringe too much about that. Everything was good at the time, and it is made me who I am now. I wouldn’t wear those things now necessarily, because they were awful! That is to start with!” she laughed.

Victoria's collections have always been well received, even though she doesn't have formal training. She advises wannabe designers to follow in her footsteps by working closely with others in the industry before going out on their own, as she learnt so much from the likes of Rock & Republic thanks to collaborations.

Another titbit was to find a signature look which is instantly recognisable as your brand. For Victoria, that's the tight-fitting dress with a zip down the back.

"I still think those dresses are perfect for date night – they are fitted, sexy, and they make you feel confident," she enthused. "They are flattering, and give you a little wiggle because they are very tight, and when you mix it with a sexy high heel, I think that is the type of dressing that men like."

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