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Varvatos channels Queen album through clothes

Varvatos channels Queen album through clothes

John Varvatos was inspired by a Queen album for his spring menswear line.

The designer always shows his new collections as part of Men's Fashion Week in Milan and earlier this year fused shearling, suede and velvet for Autumn/Winter 15.

As we enter a new season, John's Spring/Summer 15 designs will be hitting the shops, with the designer revealing that the opera had a big influence on the line, which hit the runway last June.

"I was actually listening to the album Queen [A] Night at the Opera, and that made me think about the opera and it made me think about the difference between now being inspired by the clothes that people wear in the evening and taking them to daywear. And we're calling it the day at the opera," he told Details.

"Taking a lot of those elements like cut-away coats, tails, formal shirts, and bringing them down into a little bit more of a casual element. Lots of interesting new fabrics that are very, very light and have jacquarding. And we really tried to develop interesting things that had a lot of texture to them but also felt like a feather."

The collection is made up of linen, suede and wool, all in light hues perfect for the warmer weather.

The spring line is also packed full of stylish accessories, with the runway show including more than ever before.

"Shoes are such an important part of what we do. We took this kind of embossed snakeskin that was all scored and aged by hand that really connect with all the colours. Then we did great bags in chlorate and white and black," he smiled.

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