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Vanessa Seward prefers pedestrian fashion

Vanessa Seward prefers pedestrian fashion

Vanessa Seward doesn't think women should belong to one fashion "tribe".

The designer is gearing up to show her first ready-to-wear collection during today's set of Paris Fashion Week shows.

Rather than home in one aesthetic, the style star likes to make her pieces universally wearable.

“I don’t like it when you can tell what tribe the girl belongs to — is she a boho or a rock chick?” she complained to WWD. “I always say I make fashion for the pedestrian woman who has to walk a lot, hop on the metro and take her child to the playground.”

Vanessa likes an "English country meets American glam" vibe and put together a retro mood board to help with her collection. Among her inspirations are Bianca Jagger and her own mother.

“My father was a diplomat and we moved to London in the 70s. There was plenty of fox-hunting going on, and my mom hated it, so she would always dress in high boots and a nice skirt and sit by the fire,” she remembered. “I don’t do it on purpose, but it’s just a part of me, and when you start a new label, you need to put your own [stamp] on it.”

Vanessa is a big fan of vintage and likes the way it's not "overdesigned".

The designer's range consists of 28 pieces and there are A-line skirts, tweed coats and high-waisted jeans on offer.

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