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Valentino's emotional clothes connection

Valentino's emotional clothes connection

Valentino designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli want to deliver beauty with their designs.

The design duo have been at the helm of Valentino since 2008, helping the Italian label retain its status as one of the most opulent brands in fashion. Talking about their approach to style, Pierpaolo explains it all comes from the heart.

“Fashion is about emotion," he told WWD. "Our job is about delivering an idea of beauty of our time, and our time is about individuality, beauty and emotion for sure. Everybody is looking for emotion. You don’t really need clothes, you need emotions.

"When we work on a collection, we first try to focus on the message we want to deliver with the collection, then we make the collection. It’s like creating a movie in a way. You want people to leave with a dream in their minds. That’s what fashion is.”

When they were appointed creative directors they were stepping directly into Valentino Garavani's shoes. However the legendary designer still remains a vital part of the company and often gives his opinion on the new collections as well as attending almost all of their shows. The pair knew the brand inside and out though, having spent 10 years as Valentino's accessory designers.

For Maria, taking up the mantel was merely a case of carrying on the label's legacy.

"It’s a culture of couture," she smiled. "It’s very close with craftsmanship and quality, but also the tradition that’s part of our past, like Italian. In Rome, you feel that really strongly. In any case, it’s very close with the heart with the idea that the profession is something artistic, something has a human touch and we really believe that has made a difference in our brand.”

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