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Vaccarello debuts Versus line

Vaccarello debuts Versus line

Anthony Vaccarello unveiled his mod-rock line for Versus Versace yesterday.

The designer took over from J.W. Anderson to helm the line, and on Thursday he proved just why he was chosen for the role with a new range full of edgy and alternative pieces.

Donatella Versace recently spoke about how the range was inspired by the 90s Britpop movement and Vaccarello captured the theme perfectly with bold items such as a cropped leather biker jacket with a matching skirt, each boasting oversized round studs.

These studs were present throughout, with a black strapless dress and knee-high boots also rocking them, as well as a black shirt with a crisp collar.

Men got in on the action too, with a tailored black military jacket completed with a high neck and buttons plus studs lining the middle.

In a bold move, Vaccarello also included a black kilt for the men which was worn over black trousers and paired with a black suit jacket.

There was more than just dark shades and studs though, as was seen in a cute ensemble on a females model featuring a denim Aztec skirt and blue silk shirt with a circle pattern. Tartan made an appearance as well in the form of a green and turquoise skirt, a blue and red shirt and, another kilt, this time in brown worn with matching trousers.

All 17 items made the perfect clothing to wear on a cold day, or a night out on the town with a black strappy dress with a daringly low neckline catering for this.

“I really wanted this collection to be less conceptual and easy to understand, and to create pieces that can last through the seasons,” Vaccarello told WWD of his range.

All pieces are available to purchase now at now.

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