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Tyson Beckford: I deserve more respect

Tyson Beckford: I deserve more respect

Tyson Beckford feels he deserves much more respect than he receives by the fashion industry.

The 44-year-old star is a rare thing in his chosen career; a male supermodel. Despite winning campaigns for the likes of Ralph Lauren Polo and appearing on countless TV shows, Tyson believes he isn't taken seriously enough by his peers.

"I do not feel like I get the respect that I deserve,” he told New York Post. “There are a lot of Instagram models out there, and when they reach out to me and ask me for advice, they get mad, go on blogs and say things like I am irrelevant.”

What particularly pains the model is that he believes many of those who slam him don't have a hope of making it in fashion. While it might be trendy to say that anyone can give modelling a shot if they have enough self belief, Tyson insists that simply isn't true.

"I do not think Instagram models are a good thing. You are setting people up for failure if they don’t have the complete package. Nowadays, everyone is calling themselves a model, but don’t be mad at me if I am telling you the truth," he said

“In the model world, you have to be 5ft 9in for girls and 6ft 1in for guys. It is not just about having a pretty face — you need the height to go with it.”

The star also spoke about his regrets, naming his sleeve tattoos as one. When he was inked it wasn't something many people did, but now it seems like everyone has something on their body and Tyson hates not being individual.

On a more serious note, there is a rumour about him which he really hates too.

"People were going around saying that I do not like black women, when that is absolutely not true. I wish I could put a gun to the head of the person who started that nasty rumour about me and black women,” he fumed. “I love black women and do date them. My exes from Jamaica were calling me saying, ‘Why don’t you date or like black women?’"

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