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Tyson Beckford: Baby gel for my buff bod

Tyson Beckford: Baby gel for my buff bod

Tyson Beckford gets through bottles and bottles of baby gel.

The ripped model has stepped off of the catwalk and on to the stage, performing as part of Las Vegas' Chippendales.

Tyson and the rest of the stripper cast have been delighting audiences with their glistening torsos, which the 44-year-old reveals is all thanks to one product.

"We basically use a lot of Johnson & Johnson baby gel. It gives us a nice shine and glimmer, but it's not overly cheesy and douche-y," he laughed to Details.

"And I'm a big fan of the Kiehl's products myself. That's what I use daily. I love the creams and the deodorants. They're not too heavy. Especially with the heat, it's not too heavy on the skin and doesn't cause you to sweat."

Being a part of the Chippendales is like being in the real-life version of Magic Mike, only 100 per cent better, according to Tyson.

With career highs like walking the runway and fronting campaigns for some of the world's biggest fashion houses, his latest venture ultimately trumps them all.

"It's definitely something I can tell my grandkids. The rush of it is hard to explain. There's nothing like it. You have no idea. The adrenaline is like jumping out of airplanes. Some of the things I get these ladies to do!" he grinned.

"I got one lady to take off her panties and give them to me right in front of the audience. It's funny stuff. She asked for them back at the end of the show, though, so I gave them back."

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