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Tyra Banks: The real me wears make-up

Tyra Banks: The real me wears make-up

Tyra Banks insists she's "keeping it real" by wearing make-up.

Earlier this week the model did what many would never dare and posted a completely barefaced picture with no filter on Instagram.

Now she's uploaded another shot and this time she has a full face on, with smoky eyes, heavily mascaraed lashes and a glossy pout.

While some might say it goes against what she was proving in the other snap, Tyra argues it's still a truthful expression of who she is.

"Today, I want to continue to keep it real. Why? Because we ALL know I don't walk around looking like the bare-faced photo I posted yesterday. Almost everyday, I rock mascara, blush up my cheeks and throw concealer on those damn dark circles under my eyes I was so tempted to touch up on my raw pic yesterday.

"The painted face you're looking at right now...THIS is REALLY me, too. Is it raw? Heck no! Is it real? The jury's out on that, but I say, "Yeah."," she wrote.

"I know what you're thinking. "What???!!! It's real because I'm keepin' it REAL by admitting I need to put stuff on my face to look like a supermodel. (Add a lil' retouching and Wham, the final look is complete!) Yeah, I wished I woke up looking flawless, but that just ain't me. Not at all. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. None of us should be. #RougeAndReal (sic)"

Fans completely embraced her new picture, calling her a role model and telling her not to be ashamed for who she is.

There was also tons of support for her no make-up image, with actress-and-singer Zooey Deschanel sharing it on her website Hello Giggles.

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