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Twiggy: You don't have to suffer to look fabulous

Twiggy: You don't have to suffer to look fabulous

Twiggy believes you "don't have to suffer to look fabulous".

The 66-year-old model - whose real name is Lesley Lawson - has confessed she hates wearing high-heels and cringes when she sees women struggling to walk in them.

She explained: "Just recently, I was at a party when I saw two young girls arrive wearing unbelievably high heels. They looked so uncomfortable and, within half an hour, I couldn't help but notice they'd whipped them off and were carrying them over their shoulder instead.

"You certainly won't find me making the same mistake: I was wearing one of my many pairs of trusty brogues, my go-to party shoes, in which I could happily stand around all night.

"But then, at my age, I've long since learned you don't have to suffer to look fabulous - while I also believe firmly that age is no barrier to style either."

The blonde beauty admitted she even refuses to walk around in heels during photoshoots.

She told MailOnline: "If I need to wear stilettos on a modelling shoot, I will get someone to place them on the spot where I'm standing and step into them."

Meanwhile, Twiggy has insisted she's always been a bit of a tomboy and still prefers wearing trouser suits instead of dresses.

She said: "I genuinely think a tuxedo is every bit as sexy as a little black dress, and it's a great look if you're not into anything too frilly, although it's also easy to girlify with a sequined bustier or tunic top."