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Twiggy won’t ever have Botox or cosmetic surgery

Twiggy won’t ever have Botox or cosmetic surgery

Twiggy shuns face filler as she’s not keen on the “chipmunk cheek” look.

The ‘60s supermodel, who became a global icon thanks to her short hems, cropped hairstyle and doe like eyes, still works in the fashion industry. She designs and models clothes for British retailer Marks & Spencer and also recently created a fragrance and beauty line for the store.

When it comes to looking youthful, Twiggy prefers to grow old gracefully.

“No, never,” she said when Hello! magazine asked if she’d ever be tempted by Botox. “Why would I inject a poison into my face? I’ve got friends who can’t frown and that’s weird. But the worse thing is those fillers – people look ridiculous. Especially the chipmunk cheek and lips - I just don’t get it all. Where people slip up is that they think they are going to look younger. I don’t want to look 35 because I’m not - I just want to look good for my age.”

The 67-year-old is also not keen to go under the knife, explaining how she’s a coward when it comes to surgery. Twiggy, real name Lesley Lawson, recalled a time when she had to have an operation and hated the feeling of being under.

“I also work in the U.S. a lot and I don’t like some of the faces that I see – they are like creatures. I have friends who have had great, really subtle work done by great surgeons, but still it’s not for me,” she shuddered.

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