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Twiggy says her modelling career happened by accident

Twiggy says her modelling career happened by accident

Twiggy believes her modelling career happened by accident.

The '60s fashion icon, whose real name is Lesley Lawson, doesn't think she would have made it in the nitty-gritty industry if she had attempted it now because there's too many young girls dreaming of becoming models nowadays.

Speaking to the Daily Mail's FEMAIL, she said: "I think it's tougher now because there's so many more girls that want to be models. You've got to remember what happened to me - I didn't plan it. I didn't dream I had a hope in hell of being a model. I was too small, too thin - if I'd have gone to an agency they wouldn't have taken me."

She added: "I think the reason what happened to me happened is because I didn't look like anybody else."

The 66-year-old supermodel says "amazing" Cara Delevingne, 23, is her favourite in the business at the moment because she's not afraid to express her true self.

She explained: "She's not just a model, she's a personality. She's very funny, beautiful and quirky.

"This is what I said to the contestants on 'Top Model', it's not good copying someone else, if you want to be as popular as me or as Kate [Moss], you need to be you."