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Twiggy's eyes blew up after using aromatherapy oils

Twiggy's eyes blew up after using aromatherapy oils

Twiggy's eyes swell up when she uses aromatherapy oils on her face.

The 67-year-old sixties icon has admitted she once reacted badly when a make-up artist applied a product on her skin, which contained the essential oil, and the veteran model has admitted her ballooned face was "not a good look".

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the blonde-haired star said: "A make-up artist used a product on me that contained aromatherapy oils.

"I can use them on my body no problem, but it made my eyes swell up.

"It was not a good look."

Twiggy - whose real name is Lesley Lawson - has revealed she never used to have her own beauty stylist when she began her modelling career as a teenager and was left to perfect her own make-up when she was doing shoots.

And the fashion muse - who has recently starred in campaigns for Marks and Spencer - cannot drop the habit of applying cosmetic products herself, and "still" applies her own eye make-up.

She explained: "We didn't have make-up artists in the sixties so I always did my own eyes. So even when I work with a make-up artist I still always do my eyes."

However, Twiggy believes she is not high maintenance and she has gone days without sneaking a quick glance of herself in the mirror and brushing her golden locks.

She said: "You couldn't call me high maintenance. Sometimes when I'm at home I don't even look in the mirror for days, not event to brush my hair. Obviously if I'm going out I look and then I might panic and go, 'My eyebrow, I haven't plucked those for three days!'"

Meanwhile, Twiggy has revealed she doesn't "believe" in diets.

She said: "I don't believe in diets. I used to eat like a horse most of the time, like you do when you're when 17.

"Now I am very into healthy eating and love cooking.

"We all have weeks when we eat too much. Bread is my downfall and I could eat a whole sourdough loaf with butter, but you just have to be kind to yourself and get back on track."