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Tory Burch: My sports range is versatile

Tory Burch: My sports range is versatile

Tory Burch isn't a fan of the term 'athleisure', dubbing her new line a "coming and going" collection.

The American designer has launched Tory Sport, marking her first return to leisure wear since she launched her namesake label in 2004. It's full of multi-wear pieces, such as moisture-absorbent leggings, sports bras and sweaters.

A pop-up Tory Sport boutique opened during New York Fashion Week in September (15) in the same spot her first ever shop opened over a decade ago, and she's looking forward to seeing customers rock her new designs.

"The way we looked at luxury and brought it down a bit for Tory Burch, we're bringing sport up a bit and making it more premiere for Tory Sport," she told Los Angeles Times.

"I wanted the clothes to be functional and super-technical, but not in the design details... Athleisure is such a big deal right now, but I don't like that word. We call the category 'coming and going,' and it's really a shift in the way women are dressing. It's about what you want to wear after gym class, to the airport and even to dinner."

Tory wanted her sports range to stand alone as a start-up brand rather than following on from her eponymous company. One of the reasons why she made an effort to do this is because she believes second brands aren't as successful as their predecessors.

In spring 2016 a proper Tory Sport boutique is set to open in the Flatiron District of the Big Apple, where fashion fans can get their hands on pieces priced from $55 to $550. At the moment the clothes are only available online and at her New York Store, so it will be a big step to have them in their own space.

"It's fun to have a totally new look," the blonde fashionista smiled. "I really want to bring it to LA. That's the next place."

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