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Tory Burch: My e-commerce story

Tory Burch: My e-commerce story

Tory Burch feels more confident since branching out into e-commerce and social media, as it's given her a means for storytelling.

The American fashion designer has embraced modern technology with open arms, jumping on the internet bandwagon with ease. Looking back at her decisions, Tory is sure she made the right choices and is pleased to see how important particular areas of her empire have become over the years.

"I think e-commerce was a way for us to build a relationship with our customer," she told WWD. "We wanted it to be about storytelling, and that was a perfect way for that, too. It’s now 20 per cent of our business and growing and we launched it in 17 countries a year-and-a-half ago. We feel that that and mobile are two of the areas we really want to focus on.

"And also looking at Instagram; they’re going to do commerce and think about the implications of that. The customer has so much information all the time. We have to be able to be flexible enough to move with the environment."

Things have been changing with Tory's creations too, as she launched Tory Sport this year (15). The line marks her first return to leisure wear since she launched her namesake label in 2004 and the fashionista can't contain her excitement.

"The concept is real performance meets style," she explained. "We are doing both. A big component of it is what we’re calling 'Coming and Going,' which is the way women are dressing. We see a shift in the way women are dressing. And young girls. We go to college campuses, they’re wearing sport clothing all day. It’s been a really exciting thing for me to work on."

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