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Tory Burch: Let's lay off lifestyle

Tory Burch: Let's lay off lifestyle

Tory Burch thinks the term 'lifestyle' is overused in fashion.

The designer is proud of the success of her namesake label, which she puts down to prudent planning and trying to stay modern. This is one of the reasons why the sports side of the business has become increasingly important to her.

"I think ‘lifestyle’ is like ‘accessible luxury’ – a bit overused. When we launched our brand 11 years ago it really was about having someone walk into a room and know who we were. We started with 12 different categories; since then we have expanded those categories and worked on them," she explained to Suzy Menkes for Vogue. "I think different extensions feel natural – sports is one of them. I am just passionate about home. I am a frustrated interior designer. For me, that is about lifestyle – but it has to be authentic."

This is one of the reasons why the company is so big on digital. It was among the first to try out ecommerce and also has a big social media presence, with innovations online helping drive the label forward.

For Tory, the future is about pairing digital and sports. She believes there will be huge strides in this area, which is why she jumped at the chance to design wearable technology with Fitbit. The company creates wireless-enabled devices which help track the wearer's activity, such as the amount of steps taken.

"I don’t know exactly if we are going to be able to 3D-print a shirt. But, digitally, the bracelet we did with Fitbit, we turned into jewellery so that it was more attractive for women to wear," Tory explained of her vision for the future. "We didn’t do any marketing and within three hours it was sold out online. I see women as really wanting to think about health and fitness, but they also want to look great and chic."

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