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Top models' favourite workout tracks

Top models' favourite workout tracks

Achieving the body of a catwalk model is no easy feat, and our favourite stars slave away at the gym to look as good as they do. But maybe knowing their top workout tracks will help give us mere mortals the fitness boost we've been looking for. After all, seeing Bella Hadid make her Chanel debut in Rome on Tuesday (01Dec15) has got us lusting after her enviably long legs! So just what does the brunette listen to when she pounds the treadmill?

Bella Hadid

Bella stunned in gothic glory during Chanel's Italian showcase and admits her toned legs come down to a strict running regime.

"Where Are Ü Now?’ by Jack Ü and Justin Bieber, for while I run on the treadmill," Bella revealed to America's Vogue magazine.

Joan Smalls

Joan goes for a different vibe to get her blood pumping. The 27-year-old has worked with everyone from Givenchy to Victoria's Secret, and relies on hip-hop to get her body looking its best.

“Lately, I've been listening to a lot of rap," she smiled. "The beat and the tempo are usually consistent, which is good for working out since it keeps you on the same pace - I could be on the elliptical, I could be doing crunches, or I could be doing lunges.”

Irina Shayk

For Russian stunner Irina, getting fit is never fun. However music helps Bradley Cooper's girlfriend push on with the task at hand.

“I love hip-hop and R&B, and I love Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj - I love it!" she gushed. "I hate running and I hate cardio, so every time I go to run on the West Side Highway, I try to listen to something like that. Then I’m like, ‘Oh, that's sexy,’ and I will push myself to run a little faster.”

Emily Ratajkowski

Conquering both the fashion and movie worlds has been a piece of cake for Emily, which might have something to do with her flawless figure. Hip-hop is also her genre of choice while at the gym.

“I love J. Cole's Work Out - do you know that song?" she queried. "It’s really good and spunky, and it always gets me excited when I’m running.”

Bhumika Arora

Indian-born stunner Bhumika had her break out season for Autumn/Winter 15 earlier this year, walking for Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Gareth Pugh among others. As well as her good looks, Bhumika also has her heritage to thank for her musical tastes.

“It’s all Punjabi music for me," she shared. "Punjabi beats are just different from all the pop songs that are [on the radio] right now. I listen to it when I need energy, like when I do yoga - I’ve been (practicing) it for about 12 years, and prefer it to an intense workout.”

Isabella Emmack

Alexander Wang favourite Isabella is known in the fashion world for her dark pixie crop, but admits her workout tastes are not quite as edgy as her hair.

“Stronger by Kanye West. It pumps me up, you know? I listen to it when I go Title Boxing, which is my favourite thing ever. I've been doing it for more than six months now, so I’m getting there. If you're hyped-up and have all this energy, it just releases it.”

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