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Toni Garrn goes gum crazy on flights

Toni Garrn goes gum crazy on flights

Model Toni Garrn wraps up in a big scarf and stocks up on tonnes of gum before a flight.

The 23-year-old beauty often jets around the globe thanks to her career as a fashion star, working with the likes of Jil Sander, Versace and Prada. With so many journeys under her belt, Toni knows exactly how to prepare.

"I buy tonnes of different kinds of gum, wear the biggest scarf I own, and, if it's a long day's flight, watch movies and eat," she smiled to Hello! Fashion Monthly when quizzed on her in-flight ritual. "I put myself to sleep with music. I love breakfast so when I travel I want to wake up hungry so I can have a big breakfast after I've landed rather than eat plane food."

She may boast a slim physique but Toni doesn't deprive herself of treats. The star loves cakes and ice-cream and although she isn't the best baker, she's proud of her banana bread muffins.

Toni picks up plenty of beauty tips on her travels too. "There's this incredible sand in Bora Bora," she explained. "You rub it all over your body in the ocean and it makes your skin so soft. The crew was trying to bottle it but obviously after two hours it was just dry sand and wasn't great for anyone."

That's not to say she's immune to beauty disasters. One incident that stands out for Toni is a bad breakout when she was 15, which she found out from make-up artist Pat McGrath was because she's allergic to MAC foundation. After the severe reaction Toni has been careful about what products she uses on her skin.

"I don't really use foundation," she said. "I use NARS Tinted Moisturiser, which I love. When I'm not working I don't wear anything, just mascara."

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