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TOMS founder our paternity plan rocks

TOMS founder our paternity plan rocks

TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie wishes every father could "experience" paternity leave.

In May, the businessman opened up about his decision to take 12 weeks of leave from his company when his wife Heather gave birth to their son Summit in the American edition of Glamour.

Now he's made it possible for all men at his company to enjoy the same luxury by granting them eight weeks of paid leave and flexible schedules when they return. He hopes other companies will follow suit.

"It's an experience I wish every new dad could have, but I realise how lucky I am," he said on the Today show.

"Sadly, though, we're an exception... Only 12 per cent of all American workers have access to formal paid parental leave, and the vast majority of men take off less than a week when their children are born."

Blake, 38, finds it "fascinating" that so many people have come forward to say they feel passionate about the issue of paternity leave. For anyone who remains critical, he has some words of advice.

"What might look like a cost on the spreadsheets, actually is an investment in higher productivity and more engagement," he assured the doubters, adding that workers at his own brand have proven his theory. "They are that much more focused on providing value because they see what we invested in them and they want to help make TOMS successful."

Blake's wife also commented on his work, adding that paternity leave is "so important" for a family, as the first few days of a baby's life are something you can never recreate.

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