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Tommy Hilfiger reliving past through memoir

Tommy Hilfiger reliving past through memoir

Tommy Hilfiger feels as though he's attending therapy while penning his memoir.

The iconic fashion designer is celebrating three decades of his namesake label this year (15) and his hard work has seen it become one of the most popular brands on the planet. It's also a time for reflection, as Tommy pours his memories and life stories into a new book documenting his journey.

"We did a huge fashion show in February that we took to Beijing, and I'm also writing a memoir," he told when asked how he's marking the occasion. "It's like therapy, thinking of all the things that have happened. It begins when I was a teenager and covers all the years since then, which seem to have slipped by so quickly. It's been fun because I'm remembering things now that I would have forgotten. Some of them have triggered possibilities and unlocked doors in other areas - like the time I met Andy Warhol."

Tommy used to spot Andy outside nightclub Studio 54 all the time and was even offered the chance to buy some of the famed artist's work. Unfortunately he couldn't afford any at the time and to this day it's something he regrets missing out on.

Tommy's first foray into fashion was his store People's Place during high school. Even then he had an aim in mind, to bring "cool, big-city styles" to his small hometown in New York. His grand ideas haven't slowed down over the years, but Tommy gets kicks out of more professional achievements now.

"I still like to be creative, but I also get a thrill out of things like business deals, investments, and building and decorating new stores," he smiled. "When you love what you do, it becomes an obsession - it doesn't feel like a job."

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