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Tommy Hilfiger regrets fashion fighting talk

Tommy Hilfiger regrets fashion fighting talk

Tommy Hilfiger regrets using dirty tactics to get his brand known when it first launched.

The all-American designer has been one of the top names in fashion since founding his namesake label in 1985.

Tommy worked with art director George Lois to create the initial campaigns and raise awareness of the brand, but the two had different ideas when it came to selling the clothes.

"I had no idea who George was. He was introduced to me as the perfect advertising genius. Then I was told he didn't do fashion advertising, so I was a little confused about why we were speaking to him. I was hoping that we'd have someone like Peter Lindbergh shoot a campaign but George marched into my office and said, 'No, you can't do that.' It was a little scary,” Tommy smiled to British GQ.

“Actually, his first idea was to show pictures of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein with a big X drawn through them, saying these are the old and a picture of me saying he is the new. I said, 'Absolutely not! I can't do that. I won't do that!'"

However a lack of funding meant that drastic measures had to be taken to make sure Tommy Hilfiger became a household name and they eventually ran a campaign referencing the other designers.

Looking back now, 64-year-old Tommy regrets the eventual decision he made.

"I told him I wouldn't do it and that it was embarrassing and obnoxious, but my partners pointed out that we didn't have a lot of money at the time and had to get the name out there as effectively as we could so I reluctantly agreed. It was the first time I considered quitting the business and putting my head in the sand. I was so embarrassed and it was so unnerving. After it ran, I thought it was horrible and [I asked myself] why did I listen to them? I told myself I should have gone with the models on the beach,” he sighed.

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