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Tommy Hilfiger conscious of his own weight

Tommy Hilfiger conscious of his own weight

Tommy Hilfiger proves it’s not just models who think about their weight, but designers too.

The All-American clothes maker has been a staple in the style world for the past three decades, and continues to be at the forefront of fashion.

Tommy’s runways and campaigns may be awash with slender models, like his namesake label’s latest print offering starring Lucky Blue Smith and Hailey Baldwin, but away from work it’s the designer who is conscious about his body.

“I think about my weight more now than ever before,” he admitted to Britain’s Esquire magazine. “I used to be able to do 25 sit-ups and immediately tighten my stomach. So I do think about my weight a lot, though I'm drinking a non-Diet Coke and eating French fries right now so, you know…

However going under the knife is not an option: “I hate plastic surgery on men. I think it's spooky and scary.”

Despite Tommy’s massive success, he isn’t without regrets. One of his biggest misgivings is not going to Harvard and learning business. At 25 he had to file for bankruptcy, which meant he had to start his eponymous label much later than he would have liked.

However the 65-year-old fully embraces all things technology, proving what savvy business acumen he has now.

“You cannot live without social media,” he enthused. “It's part of everyday life. You have to embrace it. When Kendall Jenner walked down our runway we had 400 million hits. It goes on and on.

“I look at (Facebook founder Mark) Zuckerberg and think, ‘You've got it right’. These guys are geniuses. Eric Schmidt from Google, too. I mean, they've changed the world. Kevin Systrom from Instagram. These guys are changing society.”

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