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Tomas Maier doesn't court fashion fame

Tomas Maier doesn't court fashion fame

Tomas Maier enjoys his profession, but not the "package" that comes with it.

The designer has helmed high end label Bottega Veneta since June 2001, after being appointed by fashion icon Tom Ford.

Along with Karl Lagerfeld, Tomas is one of Germany's top designers, although unlike many of his equals, he isn't fond of the fame that comes with his job.

"I like my profession. I like what I do and I like going to work every day, but I don't like the package that comes with it," he explained to Britain's Harper's Bazaar. "The beauty about this brand is that the product is recognisable by the way it's designed and made. You know, you can recognise architecture without having the architect's name on the building.

"I prefer to be removed. You know, I sometimes feel that when you are always in the middle of everything, you don't see that well."

Instead Tomas likes to step back from certain environments in order to get creative. He and his team often work in their New York studio when they're not in Milan, where Bottega Veneta's corporate offices are based.

The fashion expert has a lot of experience in the industry, having previously helmed positions at Sonia Rykiel and Hermès. Both labels helped establish Tomas' work ethics today.

"It was all about passion and patience there. At Hermès, things don't just come and go; things remain. They are given time to be understood," he recalled. "That was a big learning curve for me because good design, often, is not understood in the first round. I always try to insist on something being around for a certain time in order to be understood."

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