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Tom Ford wears the same suit 'over and over' again

Tom Ford wears the same suit 'over and over' again

Tom Ford has worn the same suit "over and over" again.

The 55-year-old American fashion designer - who was made creative director of Gucci for 10 years before starting his own eponymous fashion line in 2006 - has admitted he wears a "uniform" at all times, which sees him sport a sleek tailored suit, which looks the same as his other tuxedos every day.

Speaking to the about his wardrobe, the mogul said: "I wear this same suit over and over and over. I have probably quite a lot of them but they're pretty much all the same. I have a uniform; it's easy: I get up in the morning and I put on that uniform."

And Tom - who launched his film company in 2005 and made his directorial debut with 'Single Man' - has revealed he will happily wear a suit on set, much to the surprise of the film crew.

He explained: "Somebody said to me, 'Are you going to wear a suit on the film set?' And I said, 'Yeah, this is who I am and this is the way I dress. Why would I change my clothes? I'm most comfortable like this.'

"I'm not saying this egotistically but even on 'A Single Man' I felt very, very comfortable in the role as a director. But in fashion you get to do something new in two months, then it's gone, it's over and you move on. But film is something that lasts forever and I think because of that you give it a certain gravitas."

Meanwhile, the Texas-born star has admitted he has sampled "good fortune" but tries not to be materialistic.

Tom - who has adopted a son Alexander with his husband Richard Buckley - said: "I have had the good fortune in life to experience that sort of materialism that our culture tells us is going to make us happy. I'm not saying that it's not something that I enjoy; we live in a material world; we touch things that feel good and we get to see beautiful things.

"But you have to keep it in perspective and the most important things in life, certainly for me, are loyalty. I've been with the same person for 30 years and I've worked with the same people for many years."