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Tom Ford wants viewers to feel part of his show

Tom Ford wants viewers to feel part of his show

Tom Ford wants people to feel like they are at his New York Fashion Week show when they watch it online.

The designer-and-filmmaker is to stream his star-studded show, which is taking place at the former Four Seasons restaurant, via his website on Wednesday (07.09.16) and is trying to make the audience at home feel as much a part of it as the 180 guests by the runway.

He said of the stream: "You need to see the clothes, but you also want to feel like you're there. There's no emcee -- there was going to be an emcee but he wasn't available. There's a red carpet, a short one, paparazzi and intrigue. There's even a 10 minute arrival show that goes right before."

The show is a see now, by now, presentation of his Fall 2016 collection and Tom is excited that the garments will be so readily available.

He explained to The Hollywood Reporter: "The moment the runway show goes off, [on the computer] you can go back to any outfit, twirl it around, pull out the piece, buy the piece, and 24 hours later it's at your house...

"It feels right for now. We'll see if it works."

The stream requires an impressive 22 cameras to make the best-looking show possible.

Tom said: "I've got to create something online that's interesting.

"We have a guy who usually does the camera work for the Golden Globes who is shooting this, we've got 22 cameras and jibs, so it will be 'live cut to camera seven, cut to three, cut to a close up of her face, cut to that, because it's got to be something that online you want to tune in and watch."

This New York Fashion Week, some designers will take Tom's approach and showcase their current collection, while others will stick to the traditional schedule and present spring 2017, and the 'Nocturnal Animals' filmmaker thinks things will eventually settle and whatever works best will become "the norm".

He said: "Out of all of it, something that works better will become the norm. I personally feel this formula is a good one if it works. It only makes sense that you spend the millions of dollars promoting a collection when the things are actually in the store."