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Tom Ford: 'I had no idea fashion was what I wanted to do'

Tom Ford: 'I had no idea fashion was what I wanted to do'

Tom Ford had "no idea" he wanted to be a fashion designer.

The 55-year-old creative mastermind - who launched his eponymous clothing label in 2005 - has admitted he has "always" loved clothes, but despite his passion for garments he never thought he would boast a successful career at the helm of the industry.

Speaking about his career, the dark-haired hunk said: "I have always loved clothes, but I had no idea fashion was what I wanted to do. I was an actor, I studied architecture.

"It only happened when I worked as an assistant at a fashion company in France [Chloé]."

And the style icon believes "destiny" is what led him to design highly coveted masterpieces.

He added: "You could say it was destiny: I would say it's destiny. I believe in destiny, and one thing I'm going to do as a father is help my son to realise his destiny, to help him become the person he's supposed to be."

However, Tom always knew he wanted to make "a lot" of money.

He said: "I was always very ambitious, and I wanted to make a lot of money and have nice things."

The fashion muse has admitted he was worked "very hard" but also believes he is "very very lucky" to have had a successful career.

Tom - who has recently directed 'Nocturnal Animals' - said: "I have worked very hard, but I have also been very, very lucky."

And the filmmaker believes style is priceless and is an innate talent, which can't be bought.

He said: "Money can't buy you style. It really can't."

Meanwhile, Tom - who married Richard Buckley in 2014 and have four-year-old son Jack, whose full name is Alexander John Jack Buckley Ford - is "very happy" with his life.

He told Esquire magazine: "I'm very happy at this point in my life. It's where i pictured myself - successful and happy."