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Tom Ford: I don't have the energy to look good

Tom Ford: I don't have the energy to look good

Tom Ford finds it exhausting to put on "the armour" and be the person people expect.

The fashion designer is one of the most well respected names in the industry, helming the creative director role at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent in the past, as well as running his namesake label.

However, his heady days in fashion stopped when he quit drinking, and now Tom much prefers small gatherings over big parties.

"It’s putting on armour for me to play the part of what people expect Tom Ford to be. It’s almost a performance, like going on stage. And it’s exhausting, it’s exhausting, it’s exhausting," Tom sighed to ES Magazine.

Tom has been open about his excessive drinking and says moving to London made his boozing habits even worse.

Since becoming a father life has changed for the 53-year-old. He and husband Richard Buckley are proud parents to son Alexander, two, with Tom admitting he no longer cares about things like a tidy house or looking good at all times.

"When I got up this morning I was going to trim my beard because I knew I was having this interview and I needed to look good. It’s going quite grey, which I sometimes camouflage with Just For Men beard dye - do not put that in the article," he laughed. "And I just didn’t even have the energy."

"This old dirty suit! I literally just pick up the suit from the night before and put it on. Sometimes I have another uniform - jeans, a jean shirt and a different jacket - and it’s one or the other of those outfits. I used to make more of an effort in the mornings but I don’t anymore."

He describes fatherhood as meditative and likes the fact that worrying for someone else distracts his mind from any work woes.

Tom also spoke out about the comments Dolce & Gabbana's Domenico Dolce made about gay men adopting and using surrogate mothers, calling their offspring synthetic children.

"I found [Domenico's comments] incredibly ignorant - and you can say that - and insensitive. I was quite shocked, I have to say. They [Domenico and Stefano Gabbana] haven’t retracted it all, they defended it," he fumed.

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