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Tom Ford: Halston changed me

Tom Ford: Halston changed me

Tom Ford's aesthetic was "permanently moulded" by the likes of Bianca Jagger and Halston.

The 53-year-old designer moved to New York when he was 17 and it was the Big Apple that helped him realise his sexual orientation, and led him to go "crazy" with partying.

Tom's good looks and age made it easy for him to sneak into A-list events and witness some things which helped him morph into the person he is today.

“I went to Studio 54 the very first time with Andy Warhol, so I was exposed to a lot of people through that... Those were the years of [late American designer] Halston. I went to Halston’s house one night when I was drunk and he made us eggs," Tom recalled to British newspaper The Guardian.

"And I knew all these people like Bianca Jagger – I still know them – who look at me now and say, ‘When did I first meet you?’ I was just a 17-year-old kid who was dating a friend of theirs, but I was taking it all in. So I was exposed to a lot of things that really did permanently mould my aesthetic.”

It was the 70s that had the biggest affect on the designs Tom would go on to produce. He recalls being constantly taken aback by the "beautiful" people surrounding him.

While creative director at Gucci, Tom paid homage to Halston - who dressed the likes of Liza Minnelli and Dame Elizabeth Taylor - in his breakthrough collection in 1995 with garments such as slashed blouses and fitted velvet pants.

The fashion star is still drawn to the era and its over-the-top looks.

“You design whatever it is you think is both relevant now and true to yourself. You don’t want to slip into a world where it’s like fancy dress," Tom smiled.

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