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Tom Ford feels 'mushy and soft' wearing knitwear and trainers

Tom Ford feels 'mushy and soft' wearing knitwear and trainers

Tom Ford feels "mushy and soft" when he wears knitwear and trainers.

The 55-year-old fashion designer - who launched his eponymous label in 2004 - considers wearing a suit as "armour" and when he adorns anything other than a tailored garment he feels all out of sorts, although if he wears a pair of boots he feels "solid and grounded".

Speaking about his wardrobe choices and select styling, the fashion muse said: "A suit is armour.

"You know, I'm not good in knitwear. I feel mushy and soft. I'm not good in anything but a boot. I feel solid and grounded. You got to learn in life what makes you feel comfortable in terms of clothing and that's what you should wear. Some people look great in knitwear; that's what they want to wear, they look good in it, it feels right for them.

"Trainers: I feel weak in trainers. I mean, I wear them when I'm at the gym, but I feel soft and I don't like that."

And the film director has admitted he adorned a sleek suit whilst shooting scenes for 'Nocturnal Animals', although he has revealed he accessorised with "cowboy boots and a cowboy hat" when he was in Texas.

He explained: "I wore it [a suit] on set, it's a uniform. I'm comfortable, it suits who I am. Except the parts when we were in Texas, where I wore cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, which looks surprisingly good on me. Well, all of a sudden, 200 years of Texas pioneer background kind of genetically seems to just work on my head. And I don't look like a fool."

Meanwhile, Tom - who was the former creative director of the luxury fashion houses Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent - has admitted he takes a number of baths throughout the day because it's his form of meditation.

He told The Guardian newspaper: "For me, it's meditation. I take a bath in the morning, because the time I lie in the bathtub is when I work out all my problems. I think about the day, I think about what I've got to do. I think about nothing, I clear my head. Same in the evening, before dinner, I can't go from work and out to a dinner and be good at a dinner - meaning be interesting and charming and be interested and listen to someone - unless I kind of wash away the day. The same at night, I can't go to sleep unless I get in the bathtub and again, wash away the day. So it's meditative for me, it's not that I have some cleanliness obsession."