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Tod's Alessandra Facchinetti: I'm a shirt hoarder

Tod's Alessandra Facchinetti: I'm a shirt hoarder

Alessandra Facchinetti has 500 shirts in her closet.

The Italian fashion designer currently helms luxury label Tod's, after previously working at Valentino and Gucci.

Being around so many stylish garments, it's no wonder Alessandra likes to stock up, but there's one particular piece that dominates her wardrobe.

"I have a lot of white shirts in my closet; I collect the men's ones. I have 500 shirts, about 30 Tod's bags, and more than 35 pairs of Gommino loafers. I had to call an archivist to organise everything," she told "I like buying a lot of T-shirts. Recently I've been into the Acne ones - the cut is great. And I have a lot of denim. Right now I'm wearing a pair from 3x1."

Alessandra never throws anything away, meaning there are around 3000 books in her studio closet, on everything from architecture to jewellery.

It isn't just clothes the fashionista hoards; she admits to having around 80 bottles of perfume, which she likes to mix up.

Alessandra's curious nature is reflected through the decor in her home, too. She describes her pad as a "cabinet of curiosities", filled with objects from around the world.

"I'm very eclectic - there's a sofa from the 50s, one from the 18th century, a chair from the 50s, a contemporary chandelier - but everything seems to be in the same moment, you know?" she smiled.

Things are more in order in her studio though, as she and her team follow an organised work schedule to get everything seen to. She gives equal priority to all areas of Tod's empire; shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear.

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