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Tisci: Donatella and I have something beautiful

Tisci: Donatella and I have something beautiful

Riccardo Tisci thinks he's sending a "beautiful message" by using Donatella Versace in his campaign.

Earlier this year Riccardo unveiled one of his fall ads for Givenchy, a black and white close-up snap of himself and the blonde fashionista facing in opposite directions.

The pair have been friends for many years now and despite both helming successful labels, Riccardo insists there's no rivalry between them.

“I don’t think anybody ever used another designer in an advertising campaign, and I think it’s a beautiful message,” he told WWD of the ads, which will first appear in a selection of fashion magazines from September. “There’s no jealousy and no competition between us. It’s a real, pure friendship: Somebody who’s part of my gang, part of my family. We want to give a message of friendship and love.”

Donatella echoed this notion, adding that she enjoyed "breaking rules" and "getting rid of the old system" by teaming up for her pal's work.

She was shot by photographer duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and Riccardo initially picked out three different outfits for himself before deciding Donatella should be the one to wear them in the photos.

“Then I said, ‘Wait, I think it should be Donatella choosing because she’s a woman, she’s a consumer and she’s familiar with my style,’” he recalled. “You see in the pictures that she feels part of the project. We were laughing like crazy, she was so funny. She knows how to enjoy and to make a joke.”

The designer began at Givenchy in 2005 and met Donatella not long after. It was when Carine Roitfeld, who was editor-in-chief of French Vogue at the time, set up a cross interview between them in Milan that the pair really bonded.

"We had lunch, and then we clicked straight away,” Riccardo said. “I was so stressed. For an Italian, Versace is like the flag of Italy. I was impressed how sweet and how nice and how honest she was about everything."

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