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Tim Coppens' Under Armour line is focused on functionality

Tim Coppens' Under Armour line is focused on functionality

Tim Coppens' designs for Under Armour offer functionality and style.

The Belgian designer debuted his eponymous line in 2011, and was appointed as creative director of Under Armour Sportswear in June (16).

Coppens unveiled his first collection for the American sportswear brand last month (Sep16), with the line offering up a versatile range of items, including sharp chinos in a water-repellent fabric, leather boots with tyre-tread soles and a down coat.

And infusing his garments with cutting-edge technology was very important for Coppens.

“The starting point is really: how do we make clothes that maybe already exist and optimise them, think about where they come from, what the roots are, what's the function, the inspiration, and how can we translate that in a way that doesn't look like just ‘a tracksuit?’” he told

Practicality was also evident in jackets which have necklines that zip all the way up under the chin, and the fact that each piece is made to be layered under or over one another.

But Coppens doesn’t use technology to the point that his designs edge on becoming too futuristic.

“Integrating that technology - not space technology - that level of technology might be something that we think of going forward for the coming season, but that takes time to develop,” he explained. “That's not something you do overnight. I would hate to do things that become a gimmick. I don't think we need the shoes with the lights when we walk.”

The designer is also quick to emphasise that he finds sophistication in simplicity. And he whenever possible, he tries to find a clever solution for integrating functionality, especially when it comes to zips and pockets.

“It's not just a beautiful product but it's also a product with a function that is subtly integrated into it,” he shared.

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