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Tim Coppens' spring line inspired by Japanese iconography

Tim Coppens' spring line inspired by Japanese iconography

Tim Coppens' spring 2017 collection is strongly influenced by Japanese culture.

The Belgian-born designer will present his latest collection at New York Fashion Week: Men's on Tuesday (12Jul16), and tells fans to expect modern takes on classic silhouettes.

"With the spring collection, there’s a Japanese samurai running through the concept - there’s a kimono, there’s a lot of embroidery and silks that are reinterpreted in a modern way with cutting and gluing," he told Footwear News. "It’s got a softer touch, and the samurai and kimono are the main inspiration for the men’s collection."

Coppens, who is known for his blend of craftsmanship, tailoring and athletic references, is looking forward to unveiling his collection in New York and predicts a real buzz to grow around the latest launch, not only for his own work but for other "young, energetic" menswear designers also showing. Coppens also discussed his work with Under Armour, the American activewear giant he was appointed creative director of in June. Overseeing Under Armour Sportswear (UAS), a new men’s and womenswear brand which the company will launch this Autumn, Coppens shares that he will be focusing on designing products that the company doesn't currently offer, including the likes of shoes, hats and other accessories.

He insists that he doesn't merely take a purely aesthetic view of his new products and will ensure the Under Armour product always has a functional element, that will hopefully make the brand appeal to a whole new demographic.

"There are links - functional links - and I’m finding a way to translate those into a lifestyle brand that takes on the DNA of Under Armour. Materials are super important, and the advantage here is Under Armour is working with a lot of innovative materials and constructions," he explained.

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