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Tilda Swinton to star in new fashion performance

Tilda Swinton to star in new fashion performance

Tilda Swinton and Charlotte Rampling will take part in a new fashion performance.

The actresses have been asked by curator Olivier Saillard to star in his exhibition at the Festival d'Automne in Paris which will run from September 27 to October 2 at the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris.

According to WWD, the pair will "become human easels and interact with portraits and landscapes of Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and Brassai, on loan from the Maison Européenne de la Photographie".

Saillard is the curator of the Musée Galliera in Paris and has worked with Tilda on a number of previous projects.

One of the best known is 2012's 'The Impossible Wardrobe' in which she "caressed, wore and modelled garments from the Galliera archives".

Speaking about the exhibition, he said: "I am very interested by the challenge to introduce life into this collection. What we made with Tilda, for 'The Impossible Wardrobe', was a kind of little exhibition. It was an exhibition that takes place during 40 minutes each night. But it was an exhibition in the arms of Tilda; it was not in a museum, but she was a museum. For me, probably, it is the most important thing I did in my life."