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Thom Browne reflects on reflections

Thom Browne reflects on reflections

Thom Browne would rather focus on the importance of his own reflection than take selfies.

The American fashion designer is currently participating at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum with his exhibition Thom Browne Selects, as part of a programme which allows creatives to produce a display of their choice. His gallery boasts over 50 picture frames and mirrors dating from 1710 to 1974, with a reflective floor as a base for 56 pairs of nickel-plated Thom Browne shoes.

While one may have the urge to get their phone out for a picture of themselves while surrounded by mirrors, that wasn't Thom's idea.

“One, to have a real experience in the idea of one’s own reflection," he told of his missions. "It sounds kind of corny, but to think about how important your own reflection should be to yourself. Two, to show that the uniformity of the installation is something that can be interesting, and there’s a lot of confidence in uniformity.”

He loves how each mirror in his New York space has its own story, but together they add to the experience of the exhibition.

"The wallpaper, too, enhances the experience, making everything seem more important, and then the room makes the desk and the shoes more interesting to look at," he added.

With such a passion for interiors, Thom has often considered designing items other than clothes and footwear in the future. He and his partner, the Costume Institute’s Andrew Bolton, are in the midst of moving homes and are enjoying every minute of decorating their new pad.

“I do love doing things outside of fashion, so yes. I mean, I will and would love to someday," Thom smiled of expanding his ventures.

Fashion fans can stop by Thom Browne Selects in the Big Apple until 23 October (16).

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