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There's more to come at Kenzo

There's more to come at Kenzo

Kenzo designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are dying to go "deeper and deeper" into fashion.

The two style stars took over the reins at the French design house in 2011, instantly boosting the brand's popularity.

To complement their quirky women's and men's collections, Carol reveals there's still a lot more to come from the duo.

"The excitement is just starting. We have a strong business in ready-to-wear so the opportunity for small accessories, we're dying to go deeper and deeper. We do kidswear, there are lots of opportunities to do a lot of different things," she smiled to Vogue UK.

Under their leadership, Kenzo's flagship store in London has recently had a revamp. Included in the new shop design is a giant model of fish and chips, which pays homage both to Britain and Carol's own love of the delicacy.

"We want to take into account each city where we open, we want to address the locality of each city and make it feel like a special moment," she smiled, adding that in Milan there is a bowl of pasta.

"It's like we moved into a new house and painted everything white. The whole space feels totally different. It was a really good opportunity, we call it a cleanse of palette. So much of the business has changed - our accessories, our shoe business, we do watches and jewellery now, everything has grown. What's great is we wanted to explore these ideas."

Yesterday Kenzo unveiled its latest autumn campaign; a short film shot by director Gregg Araki, titled Here Now.

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