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The Vamps have never been 'high fashion'

The Vamps have never been 'high fashion'

The Vamps have never considered themselves to be "high fashion".

The 'Oh Cecilia' hitmakers - who are comprised of Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans - have admitted style for them is about being "comfortable in your own skin", putting their own "weird" stamp on an outfit and being able to move freely whilst performing on stage.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about their fashion sense, James, 22, said: "The Vamps have never been high fashion.

"We find stuff that is comfortable and then make it a little weird."

And band-member Brad, 21, added: "Style for us is being comfortable in your own skin. We wear stuff we're comfortable in so we can sweat our b******s off on stage!"

However, Brad believes any ensemble can be "stylish" if you know how to wear it.

He explained: "Anything can be stylish. Put Bruno Mars in anything and he'll look cool because he knows it."

Meanwhile, Brad has revealed he was once battled with his stylist over a garment, because he was sure the item was a women's dress with "breast cups", which the fashion expert disagreed with because she was "convinced" it was a menswear product.

Speaking about the moment he almost wore a frock to fashion designer Julien Macdonald's fashion show, the curly-haired hunk said: "Our stylist gave me a dress to wear to the Julien Macdonald fashion show, I told her 'It's a woman's dress! There is a zip in the back, it says size eight and has breast cups!' She was like, ' No it's a male dress - put it on.'

"They had accidentally put the dress in with the male clothes and our stylist was convinced it was for men. Not that there's anything wrong with it."