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Tess Holliday wants plus-size to be accepted

Tess Holliday wants plus-size to be accepted

Plus-sized model Tess Holliday claims people outside the US view her as a “crazy person”.

The beauty icon has sparked much controversy within the industry due to her appearance and is helping to redefine the boundaries of fashion. Mississippi-born Tess believes people in America are far more accepting of her larger frame compared to the UK and she hopes people can learn to understand big is beautiful too.

“You guys need this,” she told the British edition of Marie Claire magazine when addressing the issue of accepting plus-size fashion. “The States are more accommodating to fat people – there are more plus-sized clothing labels, and people talk openly about it. I've noticed that a lot of people who criticise me are from the UK – both in the press and on social media. Since I've been here, I've gotten a lot of stares on the street, but in the States, people always come up to me and say, ‘I love your hair’ or ‘I love your dress, you're so cute’. Here, people just look at me like I'm a crazy person.”

Tess has learned to deal with online abuse as well as being treated differently when she is in public. The 30-year-old social media queen regularly has to cope with people making assumptions about her lifestyle because of her weight.

“People think we're disgusting,” she said of the criticisms plus-size bloggers get on social media. “They automatically think we're lazy, when I work hard and I'm constantly on my feet. But I do have moments, like for this shoot, when I get ready and feel self-conscious. I've got this really tight dress on, and my stomach's not flat – clearly. I'm a normal person, but people see me as this person who's not really real, almost like I don't have feelings. They think they can treat me any way they want to.

“It's always, ‘You're unhealthy’. I just think, ‘F**k you’. It's nobody's business whether I'm healthy or not. We could have other problems, like smoking 20 (cigarettes) a day, but you can't see that. Whereas you can see that I'm fat, and I work out, but that's because I want to.”

In the interview Tess also revealed she received death threats when she was growing up and struggled to make friends, so she dealt with her loneliness by eating.

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