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Tess Holliday 'fighting back' against body shamers

Tess Holliday 'fighting back' against body shamers

Tess Holliday has hit back at people who criticise her pregnant body.

The plus-size model, who is in the third trimester of pregnancy, says critics came out in full force on Saturday (14May16) after she posted a photo of herself on Instagram in which she is nearly nude save for a white sheet held across her chest.

"I really don't care if people think I'm unhealthy," Tess told Entertainment Tonight. "I feel like it's so clear. Our bodies are our business, and it's OK to be who you want to be, and I think most people get that."

The 30-year-old adds that the nude photo was her way of "fighting back" against detractors and in a sense, negative comments just provide her with more ammunition to promote her opinions.

"The more they don't want to see things like that or are criticising my body, the more I want to do it," she explained. "Since you are complaining about my covered-up photo, I am going to give you a nude photo to make you even angrier."

Tess, who wears U.S. size 22 clothing, reveals that she was seven months pregnant in the snap which was part of a photo shoot for Britain's The Telegraph. The baby, her second child, is due in a few weeks. But the brunette beauty admits her size has led people to ask personal questions, such as how she managed to conceive a child.

"I’ve been asked a lot lately if I had a hard time getting pregnant. I’ve been asked how I conceived. In the same way everyone else does!" she told The Telegraph.

Tess reveals that she saw her doctor recently and the baby has been given full bill of health.

But since covering People magazine's body issue in May last year (15), Tess feels strides have been made in the promotion of positive body image. She adds that she has had several high profile women reach out to her since the magazine was issued, including the likes of TV host Ricki Lake, former Glee star Amber Riley and model Mia Tyler, who all gave Tess words of encouragement.

"There's more conversation around body positivity and accepting people for who they are, so I think things are changing," she shared.

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