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Tess Holiday: Stop judging me

Tess Holiday: Stop judging me

Tess Holliday is tired of people judging her just because her vices are visible.

The 29-year-old star has hit the headlines thanks to being a UK size 26 model. While some have praised her for flying the flag for bigger women others are horrified by the effect her size might have on her health, with Tess herself bored of hearing the arguments.

"Everyone has their vices, but mine are visible," she told British newspaper The Guardian. “If I shot all day and I want a f**king hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant I’m going to eat it. Am I going to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? No. Is it OK to do it? If you want. But, you know, no one is coming at celebrities for smoking two packs of cigarettes. Or people who post a photo with their drink at the end of the day. So why is it OK to do that to me? Life is sh*tty, so why would you judge somebody for dealing with it in the best way they can?”

Tess has been called fat her whole life, and she now feels happy to embrace the word. She realises she is larger than most people, so thinks it would be churlish to get upset at people pointing that out.

In fact her size has impacted much of her life, with the model regularly told she wouldn't be able to do certain things by her father. He would tell her she had a pretty face but then judge the rest of her body, as would people at her school which resulted in her dropping out. She no longer has anything to do with her dad.

"When you become an adult and you have a choice of who to have in your life, if someone’s hurting you and making you feel bad, then they shouldn’t be in your life, even if it’s a family member. To me, they don’t have any privileges. I kept giving him chances and he kept treating me poorly, and I just thought, ‘You’re not allowed to be in my life,'" she said.

Things are looking up for the star now thanks to her relationship with her fiancé Nick Holliday - she's taken his name although they haven't exchanged vows yet. They met online after he praised her for positive attitude, and initially she didn't take him seriously. That was because she was so used to being put down by others, including her friends.

"I was like, this guy’s never going to give me a chance in hell because he’s so hot. Because I’ve never really had good-looking boyfriends before. My friends would always tell me, ‘There’s no way you’re going to get a nice guy and a hot guy – you’re fat, you need to settle for one or the other.’ I told them, I deserve both," she recalled.

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