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Taylor Swift settles Lucky 13 legal dispute

Taylor Swift settles Lucky 13 legal dispute

Taylor Swift has reportedly settled her Lucky 13 legal dispute with the Blue Sphere.

The 25-year-old singer will no longer face deposition after she called for the case to be put to bed following allegations that she copied the US-based clothing company's trademarks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Robert Kloetzly filed a lawsuit against the 'Trouble' hitmaker in May 2014 claiming she had used the company's Lucky 13 shamrock design for her T-shirts and greeting cards.

He was seeking damages and all of her profits as he believed the blonde star had "confused" buyers and put his business, which he launched in 1991, in jeopardy.

However, Taylor and her legal team hit back, arguing that her merchandise was totally different and the company, which she believes is little known across the US, hadn't suffered any losses nor damage to its name.

The legal dispute stepped up a level earlier this year when the company tried to reach out to the companies the starlet had worked with in the past on a promotional basis.

Taylor's team then went back to the courts and alleged Blue Sphere was "harassing" her, but the claim was thrown out.