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Taylor Hill traumatised by mum chopping her hair off

Taylor Hill traumatised by mum chopping her hair off

Model Taylor Hill won't chop her hair short after her mother secretly "cut it all off" when she was a youngster.

The 20-year-old star has long brown hair, which she often wears down in shiny loose waves. She wishes to maintain her luscious locks, especially after being given a cropped 'do at the hands of her mum, who has trimmed her tresses all her life.

"When I was younger my mother cut my hair super-short like a boy because I was complaining that it was itching me under my snowboarding helmet," she recalled to "When it was time for my haircut, she secretly cut it all off in the back and I didn't realise until she got to the front. I cried and was so upset, so I guess that's the reason why I probably wouldn't cut it short again."

It seems her parent has learnt her lesson though, as Taylor revealed last year that her mum is the one behind her beachy waves.

Taylor also looks after her skin and body as she's known to flaunt her figure in lingerie for Victoria's Secret. Rather than exercise especially for jobs, the trim fashion star thinks it's better to live a healthy lifestyle all year round.

Her stunning looks have seen her become the face of Victoria's Secret new fragrance, Forever Sexy. While Taylor's workouts and eating habits stay the same throughout the year, she does enjoy mixing up her scent depending on the weather.

"It depends on the season for me – I like a fresh floral fragrance for the summer and then something warmer for the winter months. I do have a few top fragrances that I like to rotate though," she said, citing the perfume she fronts as one of her favourites at the moment.

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