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Taylor Hill's modelling career has 'forced her' to be fearless

Taylor Hill's modelling career has 'forced her' to be fearless

Taylor Hill's modelling career has "forced her" to be fearless.

The 20-year-old model - who was scouted at the age of 14 - has admitted she wasn't "always" super confident but starring in fashion campaigns and gracing the catwalk for the lingerie giant Victoria's secret has helped her to learn more about herself and grow into a more assertive character.

Speaking about how her personality has changed since she began modelling to V Magazine, which Taylor has shared on her Instagram account and sees her pose bare bottom alongside Troye Sivan for her first American magazine cover on the September issue of the publication, she said: "I wasn't always super confident or sure of myself. But growing into my own while being in the fashion industry - it has really forced me to find out who I am, and to not be afraid."

And the brunette beauty has admitted her and her siblings were horse riding when they were first told they should embark on a modelling career.

Speaking about her breakthrough, the Illinois-born star - who has sisters Logan, 22, Mackinley, 19, and 17-year-old brother Chase - explained: "Okay, so, we went on a horseback riding trip -- my sisters rode side saddle. Someone was doing a photoshoot at the ranch, and he mistook us for the models, and we were like, 'Um, no.'

"He told my mom I should move to New York and start modelling and all that stuff, and that's how it all started."

Meanwhile, Taylor - who has appeared in campaigns for luxury fashion houses Giorgio Armani, Chanel and Alexander Wang - has admitted she prefers to buy "expensive" designer jewellery and handbags rather than clothes because she believes accessories can elevate any ensemble.

Speaking about her wardrobe choices she said: "Usually I buy expensive bags and shoes -- I like to keep my clothes more affordable. The nice accessory dresses them up."